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About Spinifex

Spinifex, in business since 2012, is an accounting services company covering all aspects of your business accounting needs ranging from onsite bookkeeping to VAT/Payroll/Accounts filing.  Located in the heart of St Neots we can easily meet with you in our office, or have the flexibility to come to yours. 

With a diverse clientele including self-employed, contractor companies, small businesses, and large international companies, our services are packaged to your requirements by adding or removing services as and when you require them.  We have the tools to help you do as much or as little of the accounting for your business, including easy to use online software keeping you up to date with the profitability of your business.


Available evening and weekends by arrangement, drop us a message for a no obligation chat on how we can assist you with your requirements.

Cameron Paul

Growing up in the country town of Singleton NSW, Australia, my childhood was a mix of sports, friends, family, cattle farming, and holidays.  With both sides of my large family settling in town over 150 years ago, it was safe to say that I knew a lot of the locals and enjoy interacting with people.


It was during high school at the age of 15 that my interest in Accounting was first sparked.  When I had the opportunity a year later to do some work experience at a local accounting firm this interest turned into my goal.  From then, whenever I was asked what I wanted to do when I left school my answer was always “to be an accountant”.  It is difficult to explain, however for me, numbers (and later tax) just came easily and “made sense”.


After finishing High School I was accepted into the Accounting & Finance Faculty at University of Newcastle (Aus.) studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  While I enjoyed all the accounting subjects at Uni it was the Taxation subjects that had my interest the most.  Part way through my degree in 2001 I was offered the opportunity to join Gowing & Co Chartered Accountants to work full time and continue my degree part time.  It was during my first week at Gowing’s I knew I had made the right decision, what I had learned at Uni just fell into place and I wanted to continue with Accounting and Tax for as long as possible.


Fast forward to 2005 having graduated from Uni and working full time for a number of years the call for overseas travel was too strong so I packed a bag and headed off to London for a “2 year” working holiday.  For a small town boy London was an eye opener, and I loved every second of it!  Travelling through Europe and the UK, meeting amazing people from all over the world playing rugby and just having a great time I knew 2 years wasn’t going to be enough.  Fortunately my employer at the time sponsored me and after being in London for 7 years I obtained my permanent residency for the UK.  A few months later I formed Spinifex, and that 15 year old boy’s goal of having his own accounting business was achieved.


In 2013 my partner Nicki and I were expecting our first son and our search for a new home brought us to St Neots.  One son turned into two, and five years later we find ourselves settled into the St Neots community and looking forward to watching our boys grow up and continue to be a part of the town and community.

Cameron Paul - Spinifex Accounting -
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